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McVERDI Black Oversize Linen Shirt FHNQVOM

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Style Notes

A super lovely and simple black linen shirt with a nice little collar and small mother of pearls buttons down the front.

This lovely shirt has a good length but is a bit longer on the back. Furthermore, it can both be used hanging loosely or potentially with some of the shirt stuffed into your pants or skirt in order to give it a more edgy look.

The cuffs can be buttoned up and the sleeves rolled if you are going for a more relaxed and summery look. However, this linen shirt has endless possibilities and can, in fact, be used all year round, but maybe with a knit during winter.

Care & Info

100% black linen is always a hit. We love linen, because it always has such a beautiful structure and because colors and shades become incredibly gorgeous in linen. This shirt is sown in 100% linen, which is produced in Italy and then the shirt has been sown in Bulgaria.
Wash your linen shirt sparingly with detergent and wash it separately the first couple of times. Linen wrinkles, and you can’t avoid that. Of course it can be ironed, however, we recommend that you just let it be and let your shirt dry on a hanger after it has been washed.